Yoga ball office chair

A yoga chair refers to a ball that is made from material of soft rubber and is constructed to securely fit inside a stand. Also referred to as an exercise chair, it can come with or without a wheel and/or backs. On an average, an Us citizen is known to spend at least 8 hours a day just sitting down. Scientists have told us that this can have several unpleasant effects on out posture and body at large. However, with the yoga or exercise ball, there is a constant change made by your body to help you stay balanced thereby avoiding any complications that comes with sitting down for long hours. Muscles that are responsible for keeping your body in an upright position are being worked upon and this to a large extent improves on your overall health.

In recent times, the yoga ball chair has been a hit in a lot of offices. They are being considered an ergonomic add to any place of work. The value the offer is just so fantastic that everybody is giving it lots of attention. Their designs are so unique, combining office environment with the concept of fitness. Just by sitting down and doing your normal routine in the office, you can also incorporate with a workout on your central part muscles.

Top 3 Best Yoga Ball Office Chair


Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs


For a healthier back and an improved posture, you may want to consider purchasing the Gaiam Balance Ball chair. This is referred to as an effective tool one can use to improve spinal alignment. This is specially designed for those who are between 5 and 5’11 tall and a 300 pound technology. It also comes comes with a back support of about 3 feet in height and 4 caster wheels (2 at the back which are lockable and the other 2 in front).




Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair

This is a well-known ball chair for providing everything a yoga office ball chair has to offer. It comes with amazing features, leaving you with nothing else to ask for. One of its amazing features is its rolling caster wheels which allows for mobility around your desk region. It also features a steel base which is adjustable and this allows you the option of either lowering or raising it for your particular height. It offers a high level of support and stability with its back support. This is one exercise ball chair is worth the buy, any time any day. For your overall body health, boost of strength and improved energy levels, Gaiam Custom Fit is the way to go.





Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball and pump

For an enhanced rehabilitation of your body, this ball chair is for you. It is an effective option for stretching, reducing stiffness, correction of posture and improving circulation of blood. This is a great option when you think of keeping fit being stationary.





Benefits of using a Yoga Ball Office Chair

Improved Balance

This is one benefit every user of this product understands very well. You will agree with me that when you sit on a surface that is unstable, there is usually an improvement of your sense of balance all through the day of your sitting. To add to this, there is also a constant reaction undertaken by your muscles. As this keeps happening – day in day out, the outcome becomes an improved overall balance. Trust me, you would observe this when you’re out of office]

Proper Spine Alignment

An exercise ball is known to be unstable and as such our bodies are constantly trying to balance on it. Fortunately for us, the balance that is easiest is usually the perfect posture for the spinal cord. This is to say that your body automatically aligns itself to get the posture that is most suitable. This way, the health of your spinal region is improved and is at its best.

Improved Circulation

Another benefit of this exercise ball that is not difficult to understand is that it aids the blood in flowing to all parts of the body. Just a few hours of sitting on this ball chair, is capable of helping circulation of blood round your body for the rest of the day. This is not something you get when you sit on a desk chair. With the use of the desk chair, some parts of the body eventually receive reduced and limited flow of blood

Feeling Energetic

You will agree with that when someone stays in one position for too long, there’s every tendency of feeling tired. This has equally been proven by fitness experts. On the other hand, when one is active, there is an energetic feeling derived in the process. This is what this exercise ball does for you – it gets you feeling more energetic and energized after your work for the day is done with.

Things to consider before making your choice of a yoga office chair

As important consideration that you should make is paying attention to the height of the chair. They are usually measured in centimeters and about 60 centimeters can work for a height between 4 and 5 inches. For those between 65 centimeters, you should probably go for those between 5 and 6 inches.

Another point to note is whether you want to go for those with cushioned back or not. This will all depend on your preference and the nature of your office environment.


It has been reported that sitting down on chairs that are not comfortable enough is a cause of injuries that are related to the muscles and bones. The use of the usual desk chairs to a large extent is responsible for the pains we feel around the back, neck and even spine regions. If your job profile happen to be similar to that involving a desk chair, an important decision you will make is to remedy the situation is to use the yoga ball office chair. This way you still maintain your job and at the same time enjoy your working hours. Also, the after effect of your working condition is improved.