What Is Active Sitting and Is It Good for You

If you’ve ever used an ergonomic office product, such as a curvy split keyboard, a standing office chair, or a mouse that fits your hand, you probably understand the importance of ergonomics and preventing musculo skeletal injuries. There are a wide variety of options you can add to your workplace, including active sitting options, to enhance your health.

What Is Active Sitting and Is It Good for You

What Does Active Sitting Mean?

Active sitting is also referred to as dynamic sitting. Its purpose is to encourage people to stay in motion while at the workplace instead of remaining rigidly seated. Active sitting tools and furniture do not just accommodate the natural movements of your body parts, but they also promote the movement and assist in muscle stimulation, as well as improving the position of your spine. Active sitting is a fidget-friendly technique that can help improve your health and boost your office concentration.

Active seating, therefore, refers to the use of standing chairs, stools or tables that promote movement while still in the comfort of your seat. This could be a wobbly stool or balance balls among others. All these tools assist you in working your muscles while sitting. With current technology, it is easy to boost and improve your energy levels while working and avoid the various risks involved with sitting rigidly.

In today’s market, you can find many active seating options that can fit your needs and your space as well. Nevertheless, if you have a fixed desk, it would be essential to get a heath-adjustable wobbling stool, which can adjust to the desired height of either sitting or standing. The standing desks or chairs are mostly movable from place to place through their wheel, and they are light to carry. It is also important not to throw the old-fashioned office chair away until you get used to the active seating option.

What Is Active Sitting and Is It Good for You

A Wobbling Stool and Its Health Benefits

A wobbling stool can be considered an excellent choice for promoting core strength. Its positive effects are multiplied when combined with an adjustable-height computer workstation. Notably, active sitting chairs and stools wiggle and wobble to assist you in increasing physical activities when at work. Such physical activities are known to increase blood flow in the body which boosts the oxygen supply to your brain. That assists in concentration and maintains good energy levels throughout the working hours.

Purchasing the ergonomic products such as the Wobble office chair is, therefore, a significant option for enhancing your health and making working fun. A great active sitting option will assist in working out your leg muscles, back muscle, and every other core muscles while aligning your spine to the desired position. In the modern market, there is a wide range of seating options. However, the Wobble Stool has remained versatile because it comes with adjustable heights, which are suitable for either sitting or standing.

Additionally, a lightweight stool or chair can be a great option when you would like to shift quickly from the ordinary chair to the new active sitting position, which you may require some time to get used to. The wobbling stool is designed in such a way that it gives your feet a break, especially if you have been standing for some time. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to get rid of the ordinary chair until you get used to active seating and working while standing.

What Is Active Sitting and Is It Good for You

Fitness Ball Basics

A fitness ball is also referred to as the yoga ball, Swiss ball, or stability ball. This kind of ball can be purchased in different sizes. It features either a plastic material or a soft vinyl. The ball is inflatable, enabling you to adjust the firmness to fit your physical needs.

It is important to consider the height of your desk and your physical height before you choose any ball as a seating option. For instance, sitting too high on a ball could lead to unnecessary neck pains. Similarly, a short ball could lead to cramping of quads because of bending your legs for a long time. Below are some of the benefits of using a stability ball as an active sitting option.

  • Spinal muscles are kept active
  • Increased metabolic response
  • Muscle engagement is increased
  • Thigh muscles become flexible

In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of active sitting, it is important to regularly switch from the ergonomically designed desk to an appropriately designed and sized fitness ball. Be sure to also add some standing time to avoid straining and ensure that you are productive throughout your working hours.