Steelcase office chairs

Steelcase-Leap-Chair-BlackIf you have been wondering why sometimes you are unmotivated to complete a task or perhaps what has been causing the spasms and pains in your lower back, then it might be time for you to purchase a top-notch seat for your needs. The Steelcase Leap office chair features a unique design along with various other functionalities that make it ideal for users who want to enhance their productivity levels and concentration levels as well. Furthermore, the superior aesthetic design of the chair makes it a wonderful addition to any room and helps portrays some level of professionalism about the owner. This seat helps the user realize all these benefits without any compromise on functionality. In fact, the features of this unit have been designed to not only encourage you to focus on the task at hand but also to take an occasional breather from some of the demanding tasks that may have been assigned to you. Since the advent of the first Steel case char, the leap chair, in particular, has increasingly become one of their flagship products. It provides a broad spectrum of adjustments and consolidates this with other features to provide the user with sufficient support for the body. Make an informed decision for your professional career or your comfort needs is not difficult when you have the Steelcase Leap Office chair.



Live Back technology

This Steelcase Leap chair comes with live back technology that is designed to adhere to the unique shape of the users back. On that account, this type of back support is ideal for users who have demanding jobs that require extensive hours of work sitting at the office table. With its Leap Liveback technology, this chair can easily flex to adjust the shape as your back changes position, thereby providing sufficient support and enhancing body movement as well. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the separate control for the low back firmness and upper back force that easily adjust to provide sufficient all day comfort for the user. The live back technology is unlike any other seat design that you may come across since it has been developed by a team of professionals with the needs of the end user in mind. More so, it also comes with upper back force controls that can be used to mitigate the push back as the user engages the recline mode of the seat. The variable backstop helps to halt the angle of the recline by using as many as five positions.

Ergonomic design

Steelcase-Leap-Chair-RedAnother important aspect about this particular Steelcase chair is that it can allow the use to adjust the sitting position with convenience to suit their working needs. In fact, with this Steelcase Leap Chair, the users are able to telescope their arms in and out and move them forward or backward, thus provide ample space for navigating any office based activities. From the armrest to the headrests, all the important aspect about this particular chair have been customized to make life easier for the user. In practice, the user is more than likely to increase productivity levels and concentration levels when working as well. This steel chair also comes with an individual firmness tension knob that allows the user to calibrate the firmness of the chair to suit their needs as well as to maintain the general shape of the spine`s curve.

Designed using eco-friendly component

Over the last couple of the years, various manufacturers have started incorporating environment-friendly elements in most of their products as a way of increasing their social proof and as a social responsibility strategy as well. Therefore, the manufacturers of this particular Steelcase office chair have ensured that the products and process use to develop this chair don’t harm the environment. For instance, all the plastic components on this unit are designed using renewable plastics that as a way of reducing the plastic waste that takes years to decompose. Aside from being produced using recyclable material, the various components of the chair are also rated as 98% recyclable meaning that hardly any waste material is released into the environment. The materials are not only environment-friendly, but they are also designed to provide impact and scratch resistance as well.

Weight tested up to 300 pounds with hardly any compromises on performance

While this chair might be compact sized, this does not in any way shape or form compromise its overall functionality. In fact, the chair comes with robust supporting wheels and legs that are capable of holding the weight of any user without strain. To be specific, the wheels are able to move easily over most floor surfaces, thus making it ideal for individuals who have to access various parts of the room when completing office tasks. The chair might appear compact sized, but it is sturdy enough to be able to handle whatever weight of the user. What is more remarkable is the fact that the user can rely on the stability of this chair for several years to come without any issues of toppling or poor quality comfort. This Steelcase chair can also allow the user to pirouette in a single position in 360 degrees all while maintaining sufficient balance and without the chance of ever toppling over due to a poor seat balance construction.

Ratings out of 5

  • -Comfort- 4.6
  • -Easy Maintenance- 4.5
  • -Quality- 4.2
  • -Durability- 3.9
  • -Warranty- 4.0


Finally, when all things are considered it is important that you invest in a top quality chair for your needs is a sound investment since it provides you with various benefits. This particular Steelcase Office Chair comes with excellent auxiliary features that make it ideal for those who might be involved with professional tasks that typically demand high levels of focus and concentration. Moreover, this chair also comes with environment-friendly components such that they have reduced impacts as when compared to other conventionally developed chair products. Since the user is able to move their arms, back area as well as acquire sufficient headrest, this unit is the perfect addition for anyone who wants to enhance standout from the rest when it comes to accomplishing a task.