Serta 43506 Big & Tall Executive Chair

If you’ve spent any deal of time shopping for office chairs or cycling through them yourself, you’ve likely come to one rather depressing conclusion – you can have comfort, you can have a sleek look, though you can’t have both. The chair we’ll be looking at today takes a step away from this common trend, offering something which has a high degree of comfort while still looking like something you’d expect to find scattered about in a cigar lounge. The product I speak of is, of course, the Serta 43506 Big & Tall Executive Chair.

The first thing you’ll notice about the chair upon first laying eyes on it is that it carries with it an extremely classy look. The next thing you’ll notice is that it looks about as comfortable as it does classy. Of course, both of these qualities aren’t easy to object to. It also excels well in a few other factors. Let’s take a closer look and see what this chair is all about.

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Quality & Material

The vast majority of today’s office chairs have broken away from the traditional formula that used to dominate the market. While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of mesh and fabric on a chair, nothing beats the quality of a model which has been made entirely of bonded leather, as is the case with the Serta 43506 Big & Tall Executive Chair. Upon looking at, feeling and sitting on the chair, its leather radiates its quality quite dramatically. This is almost the type of thing you would expect to see on an antique show fifty years from now.


Unfortunately, leather of any sort (whether bonded, faux or of any other variety) just isn’t the most durable material you can find on a chair. As such, I simply couldn’t justify giving the Serta 43506 Big & Tall Executive Chair a five-star rating in this regard. I did; however, give it an above-average rating due to how durable it actually is when you stack it up to chairs of a similar type. If you absolutely love leather chairs but can’t justify getting one out of durability concerns, this is the chair for you. I’ll also note that complaints regarding the durability of its frame are unheard of, which is another important factor to consider in any office chair, leather or otherwise.


Like its durability, the Serta 43506 Big & Tall Executive Chair’s overall level of comfort is brought down ever so slightly due to the fact that its exterior is made entirely of bonded leather. Leather just isn’t the most comfortable material out there. However, exterior materials aside, the chair does everything perfectly in terms of how it affects the level of comfort experienced by those sitting on it. With a very consistent padding which presents itself at strategic points throughout the chair’s make, you can bet its overall level of comfort is well above average, despite the leather used in its make.

Design and Finish

This is, without a single doubt, the Serta 43506 Big & Tall Executive Chair’s very best feature. There’s just no denying the classy-yet-inviting look that this chair projects to those around it. If there’s one thing we could all use on Monday’s, it’s something in the office to actually look forward to on the way to work. Not only is this chair’s aesthetic appeal one of the best compared to office chairs as a whole, it has to be the best when compared to office chairs within its price range. Even if you’re willing to spend an extra fifty dollars, you may still not be able to find a better looking chair than this particular unit.


Everything I’ve said about this chair thus far has been nothing but positive and has sounded closer to a sales pitch than a review. However, I take up a great deal of issue with its warranty. I would have given it a one-star rating in this regard, but the fact that it has a warranty to begin with requires I give it a two.

As it stands, you’ll get a one-year warranty upon purchasing this product. Not bad, right? Not so fast. Just because I can get a one-year warranty on this chair, that doesn’t mean you can get a one-year warranty. See, if you take a look at the chair’s warranty information on Amazon, it will explicitly tell you that which warranty you get depends on when you bought the chair. Outside of that, it tells you nothing. As such, for all you know, you may not get any warranty at all. This lack of transparency is rather disconcerting. When I buy a product, I want to know right from the start what I’m getting.

Overall Summary

Aside from its rather wish-washy warranty, the Serta 43506 Big & Tall Executive Chair holds up extremely well in every other regard. If – and only if – you can get past said warranty, this chair may very well offer everything you’re looking for. Through a high level of durability, a great sense of style and a whole lot of comfort, it’s hard not to see the value in the Serta 43506 Big & Tall Executive Chair.

Serta 43506 Review
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