Office Chair Armrest Covers

Sitting in one spot all day at your desk can cause all kinds of health issues, namely carpal tunnel syndrome. Having your hands at attention all day while typing on the keyboard can worsen such issues if you have no where to rest your lower arms. This is why having a good office chair armrest and cover can make working at your desk so much easier than not having one.

But not all office chair come with a good armrest, and not all separately-sold covers are the same. When shopping for the one with the best benefits, made with the softest and highest quality of materials at an affordable price, it’s best to compare many different models in order to find the best one that suits your needs. With this in mind, here are three office chair Armrest Covers that should be kept in mind by those in need of a new one.

Armazing Memory Foam Arm Pads



Armazing Memory Foam Arm Pads

The main feature you’re looking for is how soft the actual arm pad itself is and what kind of soft materials it’s made from. Aramazing has released their latest offering that uses memory foam in it’s arm pads. It’s obvious that Armazing is designing its products with keyboard comfort in mind since they often bundle this product with a keyboard pad and a mouse pad – both designed to ease any wrist strain while typing or working.

These dual-set of arm pads can fit chair arms ranging in size from 6-11 inches.They’re often more comfortable and softer than arm rest that come with most chairs and fit snugly on most office chairs. The memory foam pad on each armrest contours to your elbows and your arms to relieve pressure points in your wrists and hands while you type at a keyboard.

At 2 inches thick, the padding on these arm pads are easily the biggest selling point. You should be able to rest your arms on these all day without any significant pain or added strain at the end of the day. Since they’re extremely versatile, these can fit any chair that has arm rests at its sides and elevate your arms higher than they normally rest.

Soft Neoprene Chair Armrest Covers   



Soft Neoprene Chair Armrest Covers

The next two items on this list originate from the same manufacturer: Ergo360. A maker of office accessories, Ergo360 latest armrest covers takes the next innovative step in this field. Rather than use memory foam or cheaper padding filler, this model uses soft neoprene to pad its armrest covers.

Neoprene is much tougher than memory foam and is also much more resistant to solvents and constant wear and tear. You can transform any chair with arm rests into a durable chair than cushions your elbows and lower arms for years after putting on armpads that use neoprene. This model from Ergo360 is no different.

These armrest covers can hide armpad damage, and has an outer surface bonded with a layer of soft, durable black nylon. But this material is breathable, so you won’t have to worry about the exposed skin of your arms sticking to this cover. It’s also infinitely customizable, with the covers folding to conceal shorter armrest down to 8 inches long.

You can also double the neoprene padding by using this folding feature as well. You can also choose to add the option of thick high resiliency foam inserts to additionally be included. These can fit under the armrest covers for maximum padding.

Coming with the ability to fit most loop, rail, and hook style chair rests, this model is virtually a one-size-fits-all product. You can use it for office chairs, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, lawn chairs, guest chairs and even patio furniture. Its universal tether attachment system makes it compatible with any chair that comes with armrests.

Chair Armrest Arm Pad Covers – Genuine High Density Memory Foam for Ultimate Elbow Comfort



Chair Armrest Arm Pad Covers-Genuine-High-Density Memory Foam for Ultimate-Elbow-Comfort

Another entry from Ergo360, this chair armrest uses high density memory foam rather than neoprene for ultimate elbow comfort. High density memory foam may not be as durable and shock absorbing and tough as neoprene. But this type of memory foam that it uses is extra soft and therefore can contour to the shape of your elbow and lower arms much faster and more comfortably.

This high density memory foam can distribute more pressure evenly across elbows and forearms. Even if this is still not enough, you can also add a set of 1/2 inch thick optional foam inserts that are included with this model. These armrest covers can stretch around most factory armrests ranging in size from 7 – 11 inches in length and up to 4 inches wide.

The soft black fabric covering and elastic opening make for a comfortable, snug fit. Best of all, they’re simple to install – with no screws or tools needed to replace or upgrade your old armrests. This model offers the best way to transform an older, damaged chair into one that’s so comfortable it feels like it’s brand new.

Even better, they can fit over armrests with a wide variety of shapes and designs. If you have an armrest that’s wider than normal, this model can fit over them with its adjustable cover sleeve. This means even non-traditionally shaped armrests can be covered or concealed with this model.


In the event that you find yourself in need of new arm chair rest pad, you often have two options: buying a brand new chair or getting office chair pad covers that might clash with the chair’s original design. Buying a new chair seems to be too radical and expensive a solution to a minor problem. And with so many different armrest cover designs out there, you don’t have to settle for one that doesn’t match your office chair.

The main features an office chair armrest cover needs to have is softness, durability and comfort while working. The type of material used, like in the three listed above, has to be soft enough to rest your elbows and forearms on for extended periods of time. Luckily, the three armrest covers listed here are designed with utmost comfort in mind.