How to reupholster an office chair

It’s not uncommon for a small, midsize or a large business to spend thousands of dollars at a time on new office chairs for one or more facilities. Meaning the money that they pay is usually a quite substantial investment over time. Since today’s businesses are in a race to get to the top of any industry, they are doing everything that they can to save money. From hiring third party agencies to fill their open positions to cutting down on travel expenses throughout the year, many times companies have special initiatives that must be implemented and followed to save the company money on a regular basis.

Saving Money by Restoring instead of Purchasing New

In some cases, the owners may task their employees with saving money by using non-traditional techniques and strategies so employees and management will have to think out of the box to conserve money for their areas. In fact, How to reupholster an office chairpeople can save thousands of dollars and more each year with the ideas that they come up with. For instance, if management has to buy all new office chairs for their operations, they may look for alternative ways to save their company money. Saving money in this situation may simply mean reupholstering the chairs instead of buying all new ones. Unfortunately, because there are certain standards that must be met like complying with OSHA rules and guidelines, some of these ideas can compromise compliance with various regulations. To avoid these problems, people can still save money by using an out of the box concept that involves reupholstering the office chairs instead of buying all new cheap ones that’s not ergonomically correct. Restoring office chairs instead of buying all new office chairs is ideal for many different reasons. One of the most notable is recouping part of the initial investment by capitalizing on the chairs that the business owner already owns.

Choosing Chairs in the Best Condition

Before the business owner decides to initiate and implement upholstering the office chairs in their building, there are a number of things that they must know and that is How to reupholster an office chair. Typically, one of the first things that the business owner should do is to check the condition of each office chair that is being considered. This step is essential since some chairs may not be in the best condition and may be difficult to save and make new. Instead these chairs may be placed to the side so that they can be discarded on that day or at a later time. As a result, the business will only upholster chairs that they can be transformed into mint condition.

Gathering Materials

After the business owner or their representative identifies the chairs that will need to be upholstered, the next step in this kind of process is to gather all of the materials and tools that’s needed for this project. Choosing the materials is not always simple since it must be good quality material that is not only easy to install, but also to easy to maintain. Therefore, everyone should always research the best type of materials to be used so that they can make an informed decision on what they are buying. One of the basic tricks is to save money without compromising the overall quality of the chairs that will be placed back into an office setting.

Choosing the Right Colors

It is also important for the business owner to consider the colors of the materials used so people will know exactly what to buy and how they will be used. For instance, in some cases, the purpose for starting a upholstery job is giving the business a complete new look. Meaning the owner may decide to upholstery the office chairs, while also giving the office a modern look. Therefore, changing the colors in the office from a dark brown to a medium tone blue is a great way to uplift the colors in the office and everything around it. So, it is essential to select the best colors for the job when upholstering the office chairs.

Required Tools and Equipment for Upholstering

For the most part, the instructions that the owner and their representatives secure can easily be done by someone in the office who has both and the capability to follow the instructions provided. So, once the materials have been selected, the person who does the work will need the appropriate tools and accessories to complete the project. Before going to make this purchase, the person can take the following list the retail store.

  • Hammer
  • Butter Knife
  • Rubber mallet
  • Pliers – heavy duty
  • Box Knife
  • Ho Glue Gun
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Large Flat Screwdriver
  • Small Flat Screwdriver
  • Pneumatic Staple gun {first choice} or a Heavy Duty Staple Gun {second choice}

All of which are used to remove the old fabric from the structure of the chair and then to replace the new fabric that the owner or their representatives have purchased for the upholstering.


There are many different ways to save money today. Some of which are more commonly known than others. Since the race to the top of many industries today involve saving money as well as bringing in the big profits, business owners and their representatives are tasked with finding different alternatives and non traditional ways to save on expenses. Fortunately, when it comes to buying all new office chairs for the business, there are other options that can be considered. One of the most noteworthy is saving chairs that are in the best condition by reupholstering them instead of buying all new office chairs for an operation. In order to accomplish this goal successfully, the owner will need to make sure that they know the instructions that shows How to reupholster an office chair. These instructions will provide people with what is needed including the materials, tools and the equipment. Re holstering office chairs is ideal for many different reasons and purposes including salvaging a current investment, updating the office with a more modern look and using non-traditional methods to meet an office need.