How to Find the Best Office Chair Cushions

Most people spend about half their time awake sitting down at work, so it makes perfect sense to try and assure we are comfortable as possible during this time. When you are comfortable at work it will help to improve your productivity overall, and prevent general pains and injuries.

What is Important About Choosing the Correct Chair Cushion?

Cushions have a lot of other benefits than just providing cushioning for your rear. They also assist in supporting your spine and take the pressure off particular muscles. Good cushions will also help to stimulate your circulation, and make it simpler for you to keep good posture. This will also have the effect of making sure your head is at the correct angle for looking at a computer screen, and that your shoulders and arms/wrists are at the right angle while typing. When you support your posterior, it will have a chain effect on your complete body alignment.

The Most Common Kinds of Seat Cushions

There are three main kinds of seat cushions to choose from. The choice which is the most common is the standard seat cushion which sits directly on the chair itself. There are also two piece cushions which include a part for the back and one for the coccyx and lumbar support cushions.

Seat CushionsOffice Chair Cushions

Relatively flat, small pads, seat cushions are made to support your coccyx and take the pressure off your buttocks. They are made for anyone suffering from sciatica or who have pain in their tailbone, and for anyone who finds that office chairs are too hard. They are fairly portable and small, and will generally sit on the chair like a regular cushion, so they can be picked up and moved when needed. They can also be used on any kind of seat or chair, including in your car, on an airplane or in the office.

Back Support Cushions

Cushions for back support sit at the bottom of the back of the chair, and they have a padded area which is convex and helps the spine to have a position that is natural. They generally come with straps which slip over the chair or a Velcro strap to attach around the chair to hold it in place. They come in different sizes, so make sure to choose the correct size to make sure you’re sitting in a posture that is comfortable. Cushions for back support can be used with office chairs or car seats. When fitted correctly they will prevent you from slouching and support your spine, which keeps you alert for a longer period of time as well.

Full Chair Cushions

These type of cushions combine lumbar support with coccyx support, and sometimes can go further up the chair which gives you support for your neck, or a headrest as well. These kinds of cushions have the tendency to be quite bulky and big, and secure to the chair with ties or straps to stop them from slipping. Because of this, they can’t be moved from place to place very easily.

Other things you’ll want to think about when choosing the right cushion for you is how easy they are to transport if you ravel a lot or need to move the cushion around frequently, how easy it is to clean, and the shape and size that is best for you.