Why is Good Posture Important

Some of the advice that people receive comes from parents, teachers, family and others who have an interest in the lives of those who are close to them. Though all of the advice that is given may not be of the same or similar importance, it is essential that people pay particular attention to those that apply to their overall health and well-being. On in specific is related to one’s posture. In fact, both children and adults may receive a little friendly advice about sitting up or walking up straight from time to time. So, why is having a good posture so important? Here’s a few interesting facts that can help to explain.

#1 – More Confident Image

Teachers and parents alike will normally intervene when they see children who have problems with their posture. In fact, they may tell the child to either sit up straight or walk more upright, and why it is so important. Typically, one of the more notable reasons given is to boost their confidence. While this advice is normally given to children, it applies to adults too. Specifically, since the image that everyone portrays can have a significant impact on how everyone is viewed. So, for those of you who want to appear more confident in your everyday life, you can start by reviewing how your posture looks.

#2 – Improved digestion and Circulation Systems

In addition to improving and boosting one’s self-confidence, you may be surprised to know that poor posture is related to the overall functioning of digestion and circulatory systems as well. Based on information provided by the medical community, when an individual has the proper posture, it allows their abdomen and their internal organs to work naturally without unnecessary compression on these parts of the body. In fact, according to the information that has been published, there are a number of different medical conditions that may come from these issues including acid re-flux, hernias and constipation.

#3 – Make You Look Younger and Slimmer

Do you want to stay looking younger as you age? Well, there is something that you do. In fact, one of the first things that you can do is pay close attention to your posture. Meaning you should always make sure that you are sitting up straight and walking upright when you are at home, work and in other situations. Since older people tend to slump over as they age, the poor posture can age one in appearance too.

Additionally, when you stand up straight, you can look slimmer in appearance, while the fit of clothes look better. Typically, when you change your posture, you can look as much as 3 to 5 pounds lighter in an instant.

#4 – Healthy Muscles and Joint Alignments

Most people may or may not know how important it is for them to maintain healthy muscles and joint alignments. In fact, some of the pain that people experience in their joints and muscles can be traced backed to their overall healthy. For instance, if you have poor posture, it may be due to problems with your joints in your body being misaligned in your back as well as other areas. As a result, you may experience minor to severe pain from these joints being over stretched at times.

Thankfully, to prevent these problems from occurring and progressing, you can start by paying close attention to your posture at an early age. By being proactive, you can reduce and eliminate problems that people normally experience as they grow older.

#5 – Healthy Spine

If you spend a lot of time sitting in a chair performing your day to day duties, the chances are very high that you may slump your upper body forward after a period of time. In fact, if you are not careful, you may sit for long extended periods in this same position working day after day. Unfortunately, this position is not only bad for your overall self-image, but it can also affect the health of your spine. This is because the anatomy of the spine can easily be adversely affected due to the stress of poor posture. It is also important to note that an improvement in your posture can help you in a number of different ways including working much more efficiently, feeling less strain and less fatigue when you get to the end of your day.