Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair

The Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair is an office chair whose main priority is giving its owners a great sense of quality and aesthetic appeal. While it holds up well against the competition in several regards, its aesthetics are where it most sets itself apart from office chairs as a whole. It may come as a shock to some that the chair can be had for as little as one hundred as fifty dollars, despite looking like it could sell for at least twice that amount. Of course, this is a huge plus.

On the other hand, a couple (though not too many) sacrifices will have to be made to acquire such a high-quality chair for such a reasonable price. If; however, aesthetic appeal is your top priority in your next chair, there’s no denying that the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair proves to be an excellent choice. But is it the office chair for you? Let’s take a seat and have a look at its specifications.

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Quality & Material

If you’ve read the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair’s official Amazon listing (which can be found at the bottom of this review), you might be wondering what on earth LeatherPlus is. If you haven’t read the listing, I’ll briefly note that LeatherPlus is the material the manufacturer claims their chair has been made out of. Long story short, this is a faux leather. While a lot of faux leather aims to increase the overall level of durability in a chair, LeatherPlus is more meant to increase the chair’s comfort. This is one of the more quality faux leathers you’ll find on the market.


Unfortunately, while the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair excels in most regards, its level of durability is rather average. On one hand, faux leather can be more durable than more traditional materials. On the other hand, LeatherPlus seems to be more geared toward comfort than anything. As such, the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair certainly isn’t bad in this context, nor is it good. The chair’s exterior hovers somewhere around average. Luckily, the chair’s frame incorporates the use of a whole lot of metal into its make. Metal is, of course, a lot more durable than much of the plastic we’ve grown accustomed to in similar chairs.


Outside of its aesthetic appeal, the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair’s level of comfort is likely what most sets it apart from similar chairs on the market. In fact, compared to leather and faux leather chairs as a whole, this particular model might even be the most comfortable. This is achieved both through the chair’s exterior material as well as its interior padding. The padding in question gives the chair a more ergonomic shape. It also offers a very “abrupt” softness, being that you’ll certainly feel cushioned, though you won’t exactly sink into the chair. This is great, being that it’s soft enough to carry with it a high degree of comfort, though not so soft that it’s bad for your back.

Design and Finish

As previously stated, the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair’s exterior design just can’t be beat. This is especially surprising when you consider its price. Most chairs of the same design can easily go for two or three times as much when sold on today’s market. If aesthetic appeal is your main priority, you simply cannot go wrong with the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair. It carries a look that meets somewhere between a traditional leather and a more Utopian metal. It truly has a lot of personality about it.


Overall, the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair has an amazing warranty. Lasting for an entire six years after the date of purchase, it can look like the best warranty you’ve ever seen among products of its type at face value. However, I did have to knock one point off of its warranty rating due to the fact that the coverage doesn’t apply to the exterior material. Overall, though, its warranty is certainly above par.

Overall Summary

Overall, the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair is an excellent office chair. Though, this is assuming it falls into the right hands. If your main priority is getting a chair which focuses more on aesthetics than anything else, you’ll be happy with what this particular model as to offer. As an added bonus, it doesn’t sacrifice on comfort either, giving you a chair that looks like leather but feels like a soft fabric. Aside from its level of durability (which, at the end of the day, is still average), the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair excels in every regard. What’s more, you’ll have a very hard time finding anything else within the same price range whose aesthetic appeal can even begin to catch up to the Boss Black Exclusive Leather Chair.

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