Boss B991-CP Heavy Diut Review

While many of us may find ourselves drawn to more high-end furniture which puts a large degree of emphasis on aesthetics rather than comfort, such furniture is often more pleasant to look at than it is to actually use. As such, we’ve had to choose between comfort and aesthetics for some time now. While some pieces of furniture have come about which meet somewhere in the middle, they offer some of both worlds, though certainly not the best of both worlds. As such, it can be tempting to opt for furniture which is nice to sit on, though doesn’t exactly compliment the rest of your office.

The folks behind the Boss B991-CP seem to have understood this when making the product, being that it isn’t only one of the most aesthetically pleasing office chairs on the market, but is also one of the most comfortable office chairs as well. This offers us the great look of leather without any of the hot stickiness that accompanies summer days or any of the scratches most leather incurs over something as simple as rubbing up to hard against your furniture.

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Quality & Material

The Boss B991-CP’s exterior is made entirely of faux leather. You’ll find the leather in question holds up well against the elements, as well as scrapes, pokes and other mishaps. There’s no denying the quality of the exterior material. You’ll also notice a large degree of padding used in the chair’s make. The padding in question is very consistent throughout. Much like a mattress or a couch, this should be expected and is a great indicator of quality. The frame itself consists of a light, metal construction, offering a few benefits over the typical plastic.


Don’t let the leather-like material on the chair’s exterior fool you, this chair is very durable. Without getting down into the nitty gritty science of it, I’ll make a quick point of noting the faux leather has the potential to be much more durable than real leather. This is why you often see people opting for faux leather in the first place. Despite what some may think, this material is more than a cost-saving measure. The metal frame also offers a great level of durability in comparison to many chairs on the market which incorporate a high amount of plastic into their own frame.


I think this is where the Boss B991-CP will truly shock most. Looking at the chair, it just doesn’t seem all that comfortable (likely due to its fancier look). Upon sitting on it; however, you’ll realize that the folks down at Boss found a way to makea great-looking product without skimping on price. Not only that, but even when compared to other office chairs which were made purely with comfort in mind, the Boss B991-CP still reigns superior on the grounds of comfort. You’ll find its padding to be extremely consistent as well, ensuring there are no lumps or flimsy spots within the chair.

Design and Finish

If there’s one common theme in this review, it’s that the Boss B991-CP is able to achieve things that other aesthetically pleasing chairs just can’t. As such, you can bet that it is, in fact, aesthetically pleasing. Its sleek, black faux leather goes well with its black, metal frame. In terms of its value (how its cost stacks up to its quality), this is where the Boss B991-CP most shines. In fact, you might expect a chair like this to go for an upwards of five hundred dollars; three hundred more than what it currently sells for.


The Boss B991-CP is the best in the business in nearly every way except for one – its warranty. Now, the warranty certainly isn’t bad; it’s just not all that good. Being that it lasts one and a half years, you’re paying more than one hundred dollars for each year of coverage. While this shouldn’t prove a deal breaker for many, it would still be nice to see the manufacturer go one step further and offer a slightly higher warranty.

Overall Summary

If you can get past the warranty in question, there’s almost no reason to not get the Boss B991-CP; assuming it fits within your price range. Through its excellent look, its high degree of comfort and its long-lasting durability, you’ll find it to have an amazing cost-to-quality ratio. For a chair which fits in with the fanciest of offices though still places a large amount of emphasis on comfort, look no further than the Boss B991-CP.

Boss B991-CP Review
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