Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair Review

The Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair is brought to us by BestOffice, a brand who has long been known for producing much of the budget office equipment found in both commercial buildings an home offices alike. While some of the character found throughout the brand has been carried over to the particular office chair we’ll be covering today, the model in question actually goes against the grain when compared to many of the brand’s other products. This is due to the fact that it is priced at eighty dollars.

Now, whether you’re familiar with the brand in question or are familiar with office chairs as a whole, you likely know that this is an extremely low price. In fact, finding units for three or four times the Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair’s price is exceptionally easy. However, don’t let its price fool you; this can be a great chair when in the hands of the right owner. Are you the right owner? Let’s go in for a closer look and find out.

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Quality & Material

When speaking purely of office chairs which fit in this product’s price range, the biggest thing you really need to look out for is the quality of the materials used in the make. Because a lower price is a result of the company cutting corners somewhere, brands will often use the chair’s quality as their first line of defense. This is likely due to the fact that low-quality chair materials can be hard to spot from a distance.

If you’ve been staying away from budget office chairs for this (understandable) reason, the Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair may be just what you need. With an exterior made of pu leather, you really just can’t ask for much more in office chairs fitting in this price range. In fact, the pu leather used in this chair’s make is even better than some of the materials you might see in certain models costing up to two times as much.


This is another area where cheap office chair manufacturers often cut corners. Once again, this is likely due to the fact that, by the time you realize your chair just isn’t all that durable, it’s too late. Luckily, this isn’t an issue you have to worry about with the Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair. I won’t say it’s the number one chair on the market in terms of its durability, though it’s certainly above average.


At the end of the day, most people shopping for an office chair are going to prioritize comfort over everything else. The folks down at BestOffice seem aware of this, as the Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair is actually just about as comfortable as it gets. No matter how much you’re willing to spend on a chair, finding a more comfortable model will prove a timely endeavor, though finding a less comfortable model is a breeze. It’s nice to see a manufacturer reach above and beyond the expectations one might have of chairs within this price range.

Design and Finish

Because the Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair’s exterior is made with the use of pu leather (as its name clearly suggests), getting a sleek look for a low price is relatively easy. Pu leather is a synthetic form of leather, making it extremely low in price. This is partially responsible for the savings we’re seeing in this unit.


So, if the chair performs above average in every possible metric of quality, what’s the catch? Its warranty. BestOffice offers absolutely no advertised warranty to speak of. That being the case, you’ll be taking a gamble on this chair when purchasing it for its high degree of savings. Of course, if the chair can’t stand the test of time, there will be no savings to speak of in the long run. However, it’s worth noting that the occurrence of negative user reviews regarding the Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair’s durability is near non-existent. Still, if you’re looking for any degree of consumer protection in your next office chair, you’ll likely want to keep shopping around some more.

Overall Summary

Despite having no advertised warranty (reseller warranties excluded), the Black Pu Leather High Back Office Chair likely has the highest cost-to-quality ratio on the market. Despite being priced at eighty dollars, you’ll find it comfortable, durable and sleek-looking, easily giving it the status of being the very best office chair within its price range. If you’re unable or unwilling to spend one hundred dollars or more on your next office chair, this model is, without question, your best choice.

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