Best Reclining Office Chair

A combination of an executive office chair and a regular living room recliner, a reclining office chair could be the best chair for your office. The idea of a recliner is that when you lean back into it, the chair will tilt backwards and the front rises up.

Extremely comfortable to sit in, the reclining office chair also has several healthy benefits which you will realize once you start using one. To begin with, they give you the best in neck, head and lumbar support. This is something that is extremely important, considering this kind of support will help you to be free of muscle and body fatigue.Reclining office chair

When you spend long hours sitting at a desk, in front of a computer in a regular office chair, you’ll likely experience back pain from bad posture. A reclining chair will however relieve pressure from your lower back, significantly lowering the chances of getting a backache by the end of your work day. Plus, these chairs also give you a level of comfort that is very high and will likely not be found in a traditional office chair.

In the competitive business world of today, employees might not have time for a much-needed stretch or rest. A reclining chair can therefore give a few moments to lean back and take a quick break. This will enable you to concentrate better and also increase your productivity at the workplace.

Some of these chairs also come with footrests which help to take the pressure off your feet and relax your entire body. With your body in an upright position, you’ll find these chairs will relieve a lot of pressure overall and they are also known of their robustness and durability, while regular office chairs can be quite fragile at times.

Things to Look for When Buying a Reclining Office Chair

Tilt Control – it is helpful to be able to control the angle of the tilt as you recline in your office chair, so you don’t feel like you are about to tip over in the chair. You might also want to freely recline to an almost horizontal position. A good quality reclining office chair can give you the freedom to tilt in just the way that you want, usually with a control lever or knob on the side of the chair.

Foot Rest – as mentioned above, a foot rest can give you needed support for your lower back while you recline and while talking on the phone at the office. It is of course great for taking a quick nap in your office chair as well if you have the opportunity to do that.

Quick Return, Quick Tilt – one of the main reasons to use a reclining office chair is that it lets you have a fast break from sitting up straight all of the time at your desk. You will improve circulation and stop general pains and aches by moving around several times throughout the day. These kinds of breaks are important, rather than sitting upright in a chair for hours a time. So with a reclining office chair, you can tilt back and go back to the upright position fairly quickly, instead of having to adjust levers and knobs every time you want to change your tilt, saving you time as well.