Best Office Chair for Posture

It can be a bit of a challenge for a lot of people to keep the right posture while sitting in their office chair at work for many hours at a time. A surprising number of people actually sit at the front of their chair and then hunch themselves forward so they can get closer to their computer screen. You don’t even realize you are doing this because of the focus you are giving to the computer screen.

Posture is important while sitting at your workstation, and it is imperative that your workstation is comfortable. This will depend upon where your computer screen is sitting, where your feet and hands are placed and what kind of office chair you are using. Your computer screen should be visible at eye level. If it is too low, it will be necessary for you to lean forward to see it. If you can get a chair with armrests, these should allow your elbows to comfortably rest at a 90 degree angle along each side of your body while you are working at your computer.

Upright Postureoffice chair posture

The back muscles in the back of your spine and the abdominal muscles in the front of your spine both work to hold your body up straight, just like two elastic bands that are placed on either side of the spine. When you are leaning forward and hunched over in an office chair, it distorts your balancing system and puts a lot of strain on your back.

Leaning forward just thirty degrees to try and get closer to a computer screen puts three to four times more strain on your back, causing advanced tear and wear on the joint surfaces, the discs located between the vertebrae and the ligaments of the spine. Your back muscles are also affected negatively from the added continual strain causing them to become tightened, which lowers the optimal nutrient and blood flow to the muscles in the back. This posture over time will lead to the development of rigid, tight joints and muscles that makes them more prone to injury.

Your posture can be improved by sitting in the right chair which is specifically designed for this purpose, while still give you a lot of comfort. You’ll need a chair that will offer you the correct amount of support, including lumbar support so that your back is protected from the usual aches and pains you wind up with in regular office chairs. Ergonomically designed chairs are generally a great choice here, since they can conform to the natural curve of your spine and therefore support it.

The SPACE Seating Professional Chair by Office Star

One of the better choices for posture, this office chair comes with an Eco leather seat that allows for more comfort and breathability with mesh siding. The Pneumatic seat height adjustment allows you to get your chair in just the right position for you with just one touch, and you also have the benefit of a synchro tilt control that has an adjustable tilt tension. This chair also includes angled arms with soft padding which are height adjustable and an angled nylon base that is heavy duty with casters which are oversized and can wheel across carpeting. Read more here