Backless Office Chairs

Working in an office entails a lot of things, one of which is sitting down for a long period in an office chair. This is not the best option for somebody suffering from back pain. Even if you were not suffering from back pain, sitting for a long time in an office chair would put stress and pressure on the spine. For those suffering from back problems this could worsen the situation, for those that are not suffering from, it may be the beginning of their problem. To prevent the problem, it is better to have an office chair that is ergonomically designed and one of them is called the backless office chairs. Some people refer to it as kneeling chairs and so on. Such chairs can appear in different designs but most of them are made in such a way that it promote good posture and support your lower back as well.

There are different designs of such chairs in the market. Before you make your choice, you must study how it would benefit you. The most important thing is to always look out for includes the ergonomic design. Because of the design, it can improve your posture, alleviate your back pain if you are suffering from one, as well as alleviate the pressure that is put on your spinal cord.

There are some structural differences between backless office chairs and traditional office chairs. You would notice that anytime you sit on the traditional office chair, you would notice that the angle that exists between your two knees is about ninety degree, but when you sit on the backless chairs, you are going to observe some differences as the angles would now be reduced to sixty or seventy degrees. Some people even refer to it as a kneel chair, but the truth is that you do not kneel with it, but it provides better support than you would have benefitted from the traditional chairs.

The weight of your body would not be felt at the back, as it would have been. It helps in protecting your spinal cord, which would have been under intense pressure if you had used the usual traditional office chairs.

What are the best backless or ergonomic office chairs?

As said, that there are different designs of such chairs on the market and as such, it may not be easy to point at any one to say that it is the best. However, in the course of the work, we shall narrow down the choice to the best two. The best two to choose include the Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Gray Fabric and the Flash Furniture WL-905DG-GG Black Ergonomic Stool with Foot Ring. Here are the most important features that you have to look out for when you are looking for such chairs:

The seat height

Perhaps, the most important feature that makes ergonomic office chairs different from the traditional office chairs is the seat height. Such chairs are made in such a way that the height could be easily adjusted. It has to be attached a pneumatic adjustment lever so that the height can be adjusted up and down depending on the height and size of the user. Some people could choose from seat height of 16 to 21 inches and there about from the floor. The most important thing here is that the user should have his feet on the floor without difficulties. This would ensure a good sitting posture, and it would prevent back pain.

Seat depth and width

Another important factor to check is the seat depth and width. The width and depth size should be such that it would support you comfortably. The size can vary, but you can see many people choosing 17 to 20 inches wide. It should be comfortable enough so that you can sit with your back on the backrest. The most important thing to observe here is that 2 to 4 inches should be left between the seat and the knees. It is important to ensure that backward and the forward tilt can be easily adjusted.

Lumbar Support

It is very important that the lower back must be adequately supported. The problem with office chairs is that it does not offer effective lumbar support. Lumbar spine is very important and by nature, it is inward curved. There is a problem when you sit in the office chair for a long time without providing efficient support to the lumbar. It could lead to the slouching and straining of the lower spine. Because of this, it is important that such a chair provides support for depth and height.


Another important attribute that you have to consider is the backrest. It should provide such a support and it can range from anything 12 to 19 inches wide and so on. It is better if the backrest is separate from the seat; this is good because it can be easily adjusted in both the angle and height. The backrest should be designed in such a way that it could provide support for the lumbar region of the back.

Consider the seat material

When you want such a seat, it is necessary that the seat be produced with the highest quality materials on the market. You can sit on them comfortably and for a long period without actually feeling the effect.

The best backless and ergonomic office chairs



Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Gray Fabric

There are different kinds of such chairs in the market and the two we have singled out include the Mobile Wooden Ergonomic kneeling chair in Gray Fabric and the Flash furniture WL-905DG-GG Black Ergonomic Stool with Foot Ring.

Here are some of the features that make Mobile Ergonomic Kneeling Chair perfect for people suffering from backpain:

  • It is made of high quality wooden material
  • High quality gray fabric upholstery
  • The seat is thickly padded and has a knee rest
  • It is composed of height adjustment frame in addition to the natural wooden frame finishing and so on. You can see that it suits the requirement for such seats. It is not surprising that it is highly demanded.

In the same way, Flash Furniture WL-905DG-GG Black Ergonomic Stool has the following features:


Flash Furniture Ergonomic Stool

  • It is an ergonomic stool
  • Has width and depth of 18 inches
  • It is composed of black fabric seat material
  • It features pneumatic seat height adjustment and so on.

These are two ergonomic kneel chairs recommended for office you. They were designed in such a way that they can make you comfortable and relaxed in your office.