John Garvey is the Director of Ergonomics at a massive aerospace corporation in New England. His usual day consists of evaluating how engineers and machinists sit and work, and how they can better adjust their positions to avoid long-term illnesses and pains. The most common complaint he deals with is excessive back, shoulder, and neck pain after long hours in the office. With their company severely ramping up production, more and more employees are being hired and need help adjusting their work environments to better suit their body’s needs during such a busy time. John knows the key to managing, and ultimately, avoiding, these pains are to have a quality office chair, set to the correct height for each individual. With this comes adjusting of keyboard and monitor height, though his assistant usually adjusts those dimensions.

The reason John is so interested in ergonomics is because he unfortunately suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. A life-long disease that he was diagnosed with at 14 years old, John often deals with pains in his hands and legs. These pains are particularly amplified when he does not follow his particular sitting and standing requirements, and these requirements fall mostly on the type of chair he uses. With longer and longer hours spent at work during these ramping-up days, it is becoming more and more important to John and his overall health that he sits in a chair that gives him proper support and height.

As a side-project he is working on to support his day job, John often visits office supply stores and tries out varying office chairs available. He rates the office chairs with factors including comfort, back support, arm support, height variation, and overall adjustability. A chair is only as good as its adjustability, John is often heard saying, and if someone is unable to adjust the chair due to difficulty or strength required, then the adjustability feature is absolutely useless. He reports his findings online, in his blog.

John’s ultimate goal is to become a full-time blogger, focusing his work on office chair reviews and ratings. He believes everyone, no matter the height, size, or health challenge, deserves to sit comfortably at work and not have to suffer in the long term because of negligence to ergonomics. He hopes to help others that may have health issues similar to his own, and to increase everyone’s quality of life through his office chair reviews.