Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Posture

In the current society, there is an increase in people who face back and neck problems as a result of the posture most of us maintain seated behind our office desks. Such situations lead to lagging behind in productiveness as this may cause severe health issues such as arthritis, higher risks of injury or poor muscle health. To avoid all such situations below is a compilation of some of the techniques to improve your posture.

Stretch often

Most of the people today, especially those working in offices work too much to a point one forgets to open up. Sitting for an extended period in the same position make you body stiffen up which isn’t right if you need to have a have a flexible body. Note that the way you train your body also affects the posture that you maintain. So, avoid remaining in one position for long periods and get some break to stretch up and relax your muscles for a better posture.

Take part in exercises

As we grow older, the lesser flexible our bodies become which also has an impact on the posture a body can maintain as compared to earlier periods when your body was stronger. Exercises play a prominent role in strengthening your body and making it more flexible to withstand any position you have to take. Therefore, it is crucial that you engage in day to day exercises such as squats, abdominal crunches, rowing and many other exercises that you can manage without a feeling of discomfort. Exercises help avoid putting stress on your muscles thereby enhancing a better posture.

Align yourself properly

The position you take on an office chair when typing on your computer or writing has an impact on the posture your body can withstand. Sitting while bending too much way forward is not an excellent idea if you want to improve your posture. Make sure that you get a suitable chair that enables you to sit straight without straining to reach your computer. Also, ensure that the height of the seat allows you to have your arms in line with the keyboard.

Listen to your body

A sense of pain in areas around your muscles or upper back often serves to give you an idea that something isn’t right, where one of the reasons causing the ache may be maintaining a bad posture. Take some measures to find the position that makes you feel more pain, and try to change it for a better position. This may help you lessen your pain and help you get used to upholding a good sitting or standing positions.

Strengthen your core

Remember, you cannot have a great posture while the foundation of the position you take isn’t robust and flexible. It is, advisable that you engage in exercises such as yoga and pilates for the flexibility and strengthing of your pelvic and abdomen muscles.

Sleep in the right position

The position you put yourself while lying down has a great impact on the posture your body will maintain. Resting on your stomach isn’t the best idea as this makes your spine not able to reach a neutral position. Always sleep on your side or back. Also, ensure that the mattress and pillow you use provides adequate support to your body and neck muscles, as these play a significant role in your body posture.

Pay attention to your spine

A perfect idea to improve your posture is to know the shape of your spine. Make sure that all positions you place your body keep your spine in a condition that can maintain its shape without displacing the vertebrae. Some of the best ideas of keeping your spine healthy are through exercises, proper sleeping position, wearing shoes that provide excellent support to your spine, as well as practicing good ergonomics while seated.

Avoid unnecessary straining

This technique majorly applies for those who go to the gym to lift heavy objects or those who regularly deal with heavy lifting. One should avoid picking these objects while bending at the waist, but instead bend the knees to pick them. Such a measure helps avoid placing much pressure on your spine which positively impacts the posture you maintain.

Take the right diet

How healthy your bone are, defines the posture that you can maintain. Stronger and healthier bones result in one being able to keep a better posture as such a person isn’t more vulnerable when changing positions. One technique to apply when it comes to strengthening the bones is to take a calcium and vitamin D rich diet. Such foods reduce the likelihood of fractures to your bones thereby improving the health of your muscles which help to improve your posture.

Train your body

Remember, the position you train your body to maintain becomes a trend for your body. So, if you make your body sit when your spine keeps straining the more your body will be unable to resist such a position leading to a bad posture. So, it is necessary that you align your body in the right sitting, standing or resting states since the more you get used to maintaining the right positions the better for your posture improvement.

The sitting or standing positions we keep today plays a significant role in the posture we can maintain for the days to come. So, apply the above secret techniques to improve your posture for a better tomorrow.